Windows start being inconsistent (again)

I started using Windows 8.1 just from the previous month. Overall, I remembered that transition from Windows 7 to Windows 8. I started with some rage when I discovered that the start menu is gone, the shutdown button is hard to find, and there is a BIG inconsistencies between the new windows apps (the tablet-like, metro-styled, store-centric apps) and the old apps (the archaic, good-o’-days, dot-exe, desktop apps). The apps seems like a mashup, squashed tablet apps and desktop apps. It looks good (I do like metro styles, guidelines, and philosophy) but, it just feels wrong when you had two different apps architecture and feels in one computer side by side in one session. It feels like a ‘desktop’ is a separate apps.

Moving on though, after using it more often, I like the mental model of swiping and hiding unnecessary information in screen. We don’t need that much text in the screen. But! I found this one case when metro principles are implemented horribly wrong: The safe mode. It just freaking impossible to enter safe mode if your OS crashes. In the old days, we can hit F8 or del or backspace or whatever to enter that black safe mode prompt. The problem is, Windows 8 boot process is so fast, you can’t even press F8 to enter safe mode prompt. Good job, Microsoft! This article in Gizmodo even states that the theoritical timeout given for users to press F8 is ~200ms. Just about on par with average human reaction time of 200ms (Observed here). Sometimes, we can also see Microsoft’s articles that are trying to help (as seen here). But it is utterly useless if your OS is crashed from the start :v.

Moving on again, after that, I installed windows 8.1 just recently, in the hope that I will get free Windows 10 upgrade. One thing to notice in 8.1 is, the start button is back again! Altough, I’m beginning to miss it while it gone (catch my drift? I really like when it is not there, actually). Perhaps many people felt insecure while it is not there, thus Microsoft decided to raise the button from the dead.

So, what happen now is I’m trying to open my Skype app (yes, the ‘app’, the tablet ‘app’, the ‘metro’ app).

New Skype Notification

New Skype Notification

Oh boy, I’m soooo excited. Then I click it and it redirects me to…..

This article

I was like… ‘Ay Caramba!’… It will revert again, back to square one, to the native desktop interface T.T. What are you doing, Microsoft….

Well, it is Microsoft decision, anyway. I just regret that Microsoft discontinued it’s ‘modern’ version of skype in the next Windows 10.


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